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Jiacyuan Energy Technology Ltd 嘉泉能源科技有限公司

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Today is 21,Jan,2018
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About Us
JiaCyuan was established in Taiwan Corporation in 1990, we are professional lubricants blending plant, has expertise, technology, equipment. Our products are 100% Made In Taiwan, cooperation with the Formosa Plastics enterprise, additives and foreign well-known manufacturers Lubrizol, HiTec ...... and so on, stable supply with more than a decade, quality stability, high-quality, trustworthy. JiaCyuan actively developing overseas regions, expand global outlook , Strong customization equipment, want to create products from the world of marketing, regardless of the custom or agent mode of sales, we will be happy to serve you.

▲ Scooter, Motorcycle (hit transmission car) lubricants:2T, 4T, MA, MB
▲ Automotive Lubricants:Each designation gasoline and diesel engines
▲ Truck lubricants: small trucks, large trucks use diesel engines
▲Customized lubricants, customized brand
▲ Deployment of industrial oil production and packaging
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